Learning Reinforcement & Retention

Impactful Sales Training is Learned, Practiced, & Retained Over Time

Learning Reinforcement & Retention

Allego Sales Platform Reinforces Sales Training & Ensures Long Term Retention

Image of Flash Drills Reinforcement Learning ProductCompanies spend billions every year to train their sales forces, yet an incredible 96% of sales managers and representatives agree their company’s sales training needs improvement.  Training investments often fail to help reps improve customer conversations because one-time training tactics only put new information their short-term memory.  Without using reinforcement learning to retain it, a person’s ability to recall what they learned quickly erodes.

Allego designed Flash Drills® to provide a fun, easy way for salespeople to absorb and retain what they learn in training so they can then consistently apply it in customer conversations.

  • Flash Drills quizzes reps with fast, mobile-friendly flashcards using a scientifically proven technique called spaced repetition.
  • Flash Drills personalizes the flashcards based on each rep’s mastery to make learning as efficient as possible.
  • Gamification and competition keeps reps challenged and motivated to learn.
  • Graphical reports illustrate how well teams and individual reps have mastered each topic and skill so that managers can focus training on the people and subjects that need it most.

Flash Drills’ reinforcement learning works alongside Allego’s curriculum learning and just-in-time learning capabilities to provide a complete sales learning platform.

® Flash Drills is a registered trademark of Allego Software