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Ash Brokerage Boosts Sales with Agile Learning and Collaboration

Ash Brokerage Boosts Sales with Agile Learning and Collaboration
In January 2018, the Retirement Division of Ash Brokerage was facing a number of challenges. Among other things, the fast-growing division needed to develop a more consistent onboarding experience for new hires. As an insurance brokerage general agency (BGA) representing the products of 80-plus carriers, it also needed its reps to deliver more effective and consistent messaging—to be razor sharp when discussing the benefits and features of all those financial products. For Executive Vice President of Retirement Mike McGlothlin, the ultimate goal was to create a championship-level wholesaling firm to serve its... Continue Reading

“Executives and Salespeople Are Misaligned — and the Effects Are Costly,” according to Harvard Business Review

This article originally appeared on Authors: Frank V. Cespedes and Christopher Wallace Frank V. Cespedes is a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and author of “Aligning Strategy and Sales.” Christopher Wallace is the founder of Incite Sales and a managing director for GrowthPlay, a sales effectiveness firm. U.S. companies spend over $900 billion on their sales forces. It is, by far, the most expensive part of strategy execution for most firms. Yet, on average, companies deliver only 50% to 60% of the financial performance that their strategies and sales forecasts... Continue Reading

A Medical Device Maker Turns Budget Cuts into Better Sales Training Using Sales Readiness Technology (Pt. II)

When the sales training team at one medical device maker was facing budget cuts, they decided to move forward instead of scaling back. By adopting sales learning and enablement technology, they were able to dramatically improve the company’s sales enablement program with fewer resources. Interactive, Self-Guided and Streamlined After training the sales managers in how to use Allego’s technology, the sales training team was now ready for “a behemoth task” – reinventing the new-hire onboarding program. Once upon a time, the team thought the existing program was “awesome.” But after growing accustomed... Continue Reading

“The Five Things All Great Salespeople Do” according to Harvard Business Review

This article originally appeared on Author: Joseph Curtis The best salespeople take pride in their work. They separate themselves from the rest of the pack regardless of circumstance. How do they do it? I’ve spent 16 years in technology sales. I’ve noticed that great sales professionals in tech and beyond share some habits and characteristics. I’ve distilled my observations into five recommendations for success. Here’s what I advise: — OWN EVERYTHING Elite salespeople approach their goals with a total-ownership mindset. Anything that happens to them, whether or not it was their... Continue Reading