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sales enablement software in europe
January 19, 2023

Must-Have Sales Enablement Features for European Sales Teams

sales enablement software in europe


We live in a global economy. Companies in the United States, for example, do business with suppliers in China. Companies in the United Kingdom contract with service providers in Australia. And the list goes on.

While international business is good for companies, allowing them to grow into new and larger markets, it’s also complicated and intricate. Language barriers, laws and regulations, and economic conditions can create obstacles.

No group of countries is more intertwined than those in Europe. Sales reps selling to companies on that continent require specialized sales enablement technology, which can be difficult to find in one solution. You need language translation, virtual selling tools, tech to enable content compliance, and anytime-access to sales content and collateral.

To meet those needs, Allego recently announced new product capabilities for European companies that support multilingual sales and services teams across the continent.

“Connecting sales teams across countries should be straightforward. But using a sales enablement platform across multiple continents can be challenging. We’re reducing some of the multi-country friction to create a seamless experience,” said Yuchun Lee, CEO and co-founder of Allego. “We’ve seen how sales teams juggle multiple languages, local preferences, and varying compliance regulations. That’s a hurdle we aim to eliminate.”

Users from 40 different countries across Europe rely on Allego every day to administer and access learning, content, coaching, conversation intelligence, and virtual selling that helps them sell efficiently and win over their sellers and buyers. With the new capabilities, European companies can manage all of their sales enablement initiatives on Allego’s platform without sacrificing any of their unique security, compliance, and user experience needs.

New Sales Enablement Features for European Companies

Allego’s new product capabilities will improve sales enablement for European companies in several important ways.

1. Administrators can manage learning, sales content, and taxonomy in multiple languages. Specific features include:

  • Self-service consoles for managing translations of taxonomy and other on-screen labels
  • Content collections in which items in multiple languages can coexist, allowing content managers to manage and audit content across languages easily
  • Auto-transcription of uploaded or recorded video and audio in 30-plus languages
  • Auto-translation of video and audio transcripts and closed captions from the source language into any other supported language
  • Localized taxonomy in supported languages
  • eLearning, video practice and automated reinforcement quizzing in multiple languages
  • Coaching services in EMEA languages to augment manager coaching

2. Sales, marketing, customer service, and other users can navigate, search, create, and consume content in their preferred language. Features include:

  • User interfaces that are fully localized and available for EMEA languages, including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian
  • Call transcription and insights captured in 99-plus languages
  • Content search that works in any language
  • Language filters that enable users to view content in their preferred language

3. Users can easily and efficiently collaborate with Allego support and sales staff. Allego has:

  • A dedicated office for services, sales and product development located in the UK
  • An award-winning customer success team that has nearly a decade of experience serving European companies for sales enablement
  • Support services for shoulder-to-shoulder execution and longer-term strategic guidance

4. Companies can fortify their regulatory and legal compliance in Europe. Allego for Europe provides:

  • Updated compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • SOC 2 Type 2 certification with penetration and vulnerability testing
  • Customer data processing and storage available in an Allego-hosted instance in EU
  • Extensive controls for data visibility to comply with Works Council regulations

“These capabilities will help teams accelerate growth and ensure effective and valuable use of the Allego platform regardless of the country the user is in,” Lee said.

Speaking the Language of Your Customers

The best salespeople know you must speak the language of your customers. Usually that means showing you understand your buyer’s industry, needs, and challenges. Sometimes, though, it’s about literally speaking the same language. When that’s the case, Allego’s product capabilities for European countries can provide the sales enablement you need.

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