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Top 9 Ways Remote Work is Different From In-Office Work

Remote work vs. working in an office
Almost overnight, we’ve gone from business as usual to working from home around the world. We’re taking extraordinary steps to slow the spread of the coronavirus. It’s keeping us safer and we all want that. But for many of us it’s a huge adjustment that can’t be underestimated. If there’s a silver lining in any of this, it’s that the rapid shift to remote work may ultimately have long-term benefits for employees and for businesses. “Companies around the world are facing multiple challenges during the pandemic, including ensuring that they are agile... Continue Reading

9 Ways to Boost Remote Sales Productivity

Team Activity in Allego
Companies around the globe are asking employees to work from home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Yet many global firms are not prepared for a remote workforce. And when it comes to sales teams, remote work presents a unique set of challenges for sales managers tasked with leading geographically dispersed teams. Sales teams are built on camaraderie and competition, which is difficult to manufacture remotely. Sales teams these days also face additional barriers to productivity. Corporate travel restrictions mean less contact with prospects, with the industry, and with the market.... Continue Reading

Forrester Q&A: The Bar is High for Modern Sales Enablement

Wayne St. Amand and Mary Shea
There are over 11,000 open jobs on LinkedIn with the term “sales enablement” in the description. What’s going on? “Sales enablement as function and as a profession is having a moment. It’s more crucial than it’s ever been before,” said Forrester Principal Analyst Mary Shea. Shea serves B2B marketing and sales professionals with a focus on how business leaders must adapt to the empowered buyer. Not only is Mary an expert researcher with deep ties to the sales tech ecosystem, she’s also a practitioner with a lengthy career heading up successful sales... Continue Reading

Maintaining Sales Productivity and Employee Health in the Face of Coronavirus

Empty Airport
The handshake is often viewed as a universal symbol for sales success. However, in a world where contact can lead to illness, those kinds of handshakes are increasingly rare. How can companies keep sales going without the relationship building and collaboration that happen face to face? Business travelers are facing new restrictions and cancellations as health concerns grow in the wake of the coronavirus. Companies around the world are rethinking travel, conferences, and even their employees’ daily commutes. Every day, we see another company encouraging employees to work from home if they’re... Continue Reading