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From the award-winning development team behind Modern Sales Foundations and Sales Coaching Excellence, Virtual Selling is a free web series designed to help today’s sellers leverage technology to sell more efficiently and effectively. Throughout this engaging web series, featuring special guest Mark Magnacca from Allego, you’ll learn how to orchestrate sales process activities, lead masterful sales conversations, and deliver a better buying experience for your customers. Explore the program by clicking the link, and you can even download the files for easy import into your Allego platform for sharing.


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Who We Are

Since 2016, SPARXiQ has been obsessed with breaking the mold and building the best sales training programs on the market. Through a blend of television-quality video episodes, interactive exercises, and tools that support long-term retention, SPARXiQ customers have the complete toolkits they need for sales training to stick.

SPARXiQ’s award-winning programs are recognized for not only their production quality, but also their innovative instructional design and expert sales insights. Programs are available for topics including consultative selling, prospecting, account management, sales coaching, negotiation, customer relationship management, and more.

Best of all, thanks to their episode-based video format, SPARXiQ programs are a great fit for any Allego customer looking to upskill their sales team.

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