Deliver Confident and Consistent Sales Messaging, Always

Ensure Consistent Sales Messaging

Drive Consistency Across the Sales Team

Imagine your competitive edge if you could be confident that your company pitch was being delivered consistently in every sales situation by every sales rep. The reality is that sales teams often struggle to speak the same language—to get their stories straight and keep them straight. Eliminating inconsistent messaging is the top reason why customers use Allego. Allego lets managers capture a top performer delivering the pitch and share across the organization so reps know “what good looks like”. Reps can then practice to develop confidence and consistency.


Message Consistency and Best Practices to Gain Proficiency

With Allego, reps learn what “the best” actually looks like. Managers use that as a benchmark to drive consistency across the organization and improve sales proficiency.

Replicate Sales Success

Capture best-practice videos of top performers selling value, handling objections and telling customer stories for the rest of the team to learn on demand from the field.

Ensure Sales Message Consistency

Easily view every salesperson’s pitch to spot-check for message consistency and assess sales competency.

Practice Makes Perfect

Give reps a safe way to practice their pitch with video instead of practicing on customers.

"Red hat was growing at such a rapid pace that it was really important for us to make sure our entire audience knew how to sell the entire Red Hat story. Managers needed to understand what sales teams are actually saying in the field and make sure that all the main topics of our story were getting hit in the sales message. We are now finding that as new teams come onto the Allego system, they also want to be able to tell the Red Hat story so everyone is being consistent in our messaging."

Chelsea Peedin, Global Program Manager, Sales Enablement & Development

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