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Transform Your Workforce

Our workforce-readiness platform makes it easy to deploy, manage and scale training for today’s distributed teams.

$300K Savings

See how SaaS company Apptio saved on Travel & Entertainment and improved retention.

Maximize Engagement and ROI

Connect dispersed employees with high-quality, reliable and secure video learning, communication and collaboration. See how you can accelerate training and empower teams with modern learning that delivers real business results. Engage new hires quickly, develop critical skills and drive faster results for your organization.

Modern Skills Development for Today’s Distributed Teams

Close Gaps Efficiently
Close Gaps Efficiently

Anticipate the training your employees need and target specific knowledge gaps to engage and retain top talent.

Build Skills Rapidly
Build Skills Rapidly

Develop the knowledge and expertise your workforce needs to master new products, technology and markets.

Collaborate Seamlessly
Collaborate Seamlessly

Create a culture of learning with peer-to-peer collaboration and user-generated content to drive growth and ROI.

Maximize Resources
Maximize Resources

Create, deploy and scale on-going career development with the most engaging and relevant content.

Targeted Training

Deliver high-impact training when and where it's needed.

Increase productivity, reduce costs and drive engagement from any mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Reinforce training on complex products and services
Disseminate knowledge quickly throughout the entire organization
Increase executive insight to drive targeted skills development
Capture best practices and customer insights on-the-go
Accelerate Learning

Speed up onboarding and reduce time to readiness

Advance new hires quickly, reinforce learning and shorten training time for bigger wins, sooner.

Deliver personalized, continuous training from any location using any Android or iOS mobile device
Provide just-in-time resources for learning and development
Keep your workforce engaged before, during and after training
Create and share win stories and competitive intel

For the first time I can actually see behaviorally how people are articulating the messages we are trying to teach. We can see where we need to focus more training, or whether our training is even hitting the mark.

Michael Carpenter Manager of Sales Readiness IT, Tableau / Tableau

Instead of having to bring over a third of our reps back into the home office to re-certify, we were able to drive to a 100% success rate on the MFS Investment Process Story.

John Heroux Director of Learning and Development / MFS

The average onboarding training duration has dropped from 14 hours to 4 hours. Ramp up time has decreased from nine months to six months, and those deals have been for three times the average value that they used to be.

Mike Manzi VP of Sales / Workable

We need this kind of connection. Our main offices are in Greenwood Village, Colorado, but we have offices in Overland Park, Kansas City, Andover, Massachusetts, Milwaukee and Bangalore, India. We also have people working from home offices across the country. Allego makes them feel more involved and more connected. It brings people together.f

Jamie Cabral Senior Training Specialist / Empower Retirement

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