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joe sabatino how to engage an audience
March 14, 2023

The Adapter’s Advantage: Joe Sabatino on Engaging an Audience

joe sabatino how to engage an audience


Welcome to The Adapter’s Advantage: Breakthrough Moments that Lead to Success.

Joe Sabatino has over 30 years of performance experience as an actor, comedian, television writer, and producer.

In this episode, he shares his time-tested methodologies to engage an audience, eliminate nervousness, and understand audience psychology, as well as lessons from his time playing professional football in Italy.

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The three most important words in public speaking are preparation, preparation, and preparation.

Joe Sabatino, founder of BehindTheTalk, has a unique background that spans Hollywood, corporate America, and professional sports. Over his career, he has honed proven methods of persuasion to help CEOs and other executives refine their public speaking skills and become more effective and influential.

As a media trainer and public speaking coach, Joe has created a template for success that allows each executive to create a lasting impression on their audience while staying true to their personal style, brand, and individuality. His passion is to inspire his clients to become the most effective and influential communicators they can be.

One of Joe’s many successes was pitching and producing his network television series “Necessary Roughness” to Sony Pictures and the USA Television network. The studio and network invested over $85 million in the series, which was nominated for a Golden Globe and won a 2012 Voice Award.

Listen as Joe discusses the importance of having an executive presence, how to overcome your fear of public speaking, three things all great presenters do during virtual meetings to engage their audience, and more.

Episode 58: Engaging an Audience | Joe Sabatino

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From This Episode

Host Mark Magnacca: “What advice do you have to help people have better virtual meetings?”

Joe Sabatino: “There are three things good speakers or presenters are always going to do. Number 1: They’re going to make eye contact, which means talking into the camera. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and people trust you when you’re looking at them.

“Number 2: The moment they make eye contact, they’re going to smile. Because we know through neuroscience and human behavior that people want to be with people who are positive.

“The third thing they’re going to do, if the meeting is in person, is shake hands with the person. You can’t shake hands in a virtual medium, but we have a technique that brings virtual conversations alive. You want to make use of the entire video frame and use hand gestures, so you don’t look like just a talking head. … Hand gestures bring the conversation to life.

“Most executives say they can’t look into the camera. And I’ll say, ‘Let’s film me for 20 seconds with you talking to me and I’m looking into the camera, and then 20 seconds of you talking to me while I look at the monitor. You tell me where you’re connecting.’

“Then I’ll say let’s look at the smile. And they smile and it looks great. And then with hand gestures, it brings their whole conversation alive.”

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