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Sales Onboarding Content that Cuts Ramp Time in Half

What if you could reduce sales onboarding time while increasing its effectiveness? How much better would the training experience be, and how much would it add to your bottom line? Onboarding design and implementation is classic sales enablement.  But sales organizations onboard new employees differently now than they did just five years ago. Back then, lengthy in-person ‘firehose’ training sessions were the norm; today, learners require a more personalized approach that’s easily consumable at any time or location.   To meet today’s needs, modern sales onboarding enlists top performers, subject matter experts, managers,... Continue Reading

Make Sales Onboarding Stick with Spaced Repetition

Designing and building effective sales onboarding programs is all about finding ways to flatten a steep learning curve. But it’s just as important to think about how to flatten an equally steep forgetting curve. Research shows people forget up to 80 percent of what they’ve learned within a month of training. That’s why reinforcement is critical. Spaced repetition is one way to keep employees thinking about new concepts until it’s burned into long-term memory. What do I mean by spaced repetition? You probably already know about repetition. You do it when you meet someone... Continue Reading

How Allego Streamlined My Onboarding

For new Customer Success professionals in enterprise software, the first day on the job is all about information overload. Besides memorizing your new coworkers’ names and familiarizing yourself with new surroundings, you have to wade through stacks of onboarding packets and worksheets ASAP to get ready for the field. When I went through this recently here at Allego, I was glad the new company I’d joined actually drank their own champagne. My onboarding here was fast, efficient and more enjoyable than anywhere else I’d been (an encouraging sign, considering the product we... Continue Reading

4 Tech Tips to Improve Sales Onboarding Efficiency

efficient sales onboarding
A good onboarding program ensures that sales reps receive the knowledge, skills and process expertise they need to succeed. It can also help to attract and retain top sales talent. In a recent webinar discussing SiriusDecision’s new onboarding survey, almost 50% of experienced high performers said the presence of a formal onboarding program positively influenced their decision to join a new company. Unfortunately, that same survey also found that many companies allot relatively little time for sales onboarding. Seventeen percent expect new hires to engage with buyers on Day 1, while another... Continue Reading