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benefits of conversation intelligence
August 3, 2021

How Conversation Intelligence Helps Today’s Hybrid Teams Win

benefits of conversation intelligence

If you’re managing a sales team, you want to reach your quota, right? In B2B sales, hitting that number is what matters most. Reaching your goals is a sign that your team is performing at its best. Conversation Intelligence can help you get there.

Conversation Intelligence helps solve enablement challenges and lets you scale your efforts quickly and easily.

Today’s sales managers face tremendous pressure to achieve ambitious targets. Now more than ever, leaders need to up their game to increase productivity. But the reality is that over half of all sellers miss their quota in an average year. And this year has been anything but average.

How can you help your sales reps perform better? How can you understand where they’re falling short, why they’re making these missteps, and how to help them improve? You need a way to enable every rep to be their best every single day. 

The answer is a Conversation Intelligence platform—a software tool that uses data to help you make better decisions.

What is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation Intelligence uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to record, transcribe, and analyze sales calls and generate recommendations—powering not just coaching, but every aspect of sales enablement with data-driven insights into individual and team performance. 

With Conversation Intelligence, you can use analytics from the point of sale to power team enablement, gain deeper visibility into impact, and turn insights into action by analyzing and coaching to recorded sales calls with AI assistance.

Sales leaders can use individual and aggregate data to unlock the next level of actionable intelligence and smart recommendations for sellers—informing next best actions across training, content, and selling.

The Challenge: So Many Reps, So Little Time

Today’s sales organizations face a perfect storm of challenges. The workplace has been upended. Many companies are returning to a hybrid virtual and in-person situation.

In this new world, reps can’t always collaborate, overhear each other, or trade ideas easily. Managers face time constraints, reduced visibility into seller activity, and restructured work environments that make personalized coaching even more difficult than it was before.

In a perfect world, listening to a 30-minute discovery call to provide feedback to a single rep is no sweat. But scaling that up by a factor of 10 or 20—or more—is downright impossible.

In fact, 47% of all sales managers spend less than 30 minutes per week coaching their reps, according to CSO Insights.

Meanwhile, salespeople who miss quota say they aren’t getting enough training, they lack formal coaching support, and they need more training on how to communicate value to customers.

Clearly, salespeople who aren’t coached or trained properly find it more difficult to attain quota. With Conversation Intelligence, you have the tool you need to help every single rep be productive every single day.

Conversation Intelligence: Helping Today’s Hybrid Teams Win

Conversation Intelligence allows sales teams to record sales conversations in real time and drill down to discover specific keywords or topics of conversation that can help inform future calls. This powerful tool helps teams create relevant, repeatable training processes that deliver reliable conversion outcomes.

As a sales leader, you’ll know exactly where to focus your coaching efforts. You’ll be more effective (and efficient), so you can spend your time on the most important things: motivating your team, strategic planning, and driving revenue growth.

There are three ways companies can leverage this data to ensure that every rep is as productive as possible.

1. Improve Sales Coaching

With Conversation Intelligence, sales managers can coach from “game tape,” observing exactly how sellers interact with buyers in the field, the precise language they use, how they describe the company’s value proposition, and how they handle (or don’t handle) objections.

  • Consistently assess every single rep across competencies needed at each stage of the sales cycle
  • Get an at-a-glance summary of reps who need attention
  • Understand weaknesses at an individual and team level
  • Deliver personalized, AI-powered coaching recommendations, exercises, quizzes and remedial learning content to help individuals improve

2. Improve Sales Learning

With Conversation Intelligence, sales trainers and sales enablement managers have data that validates sales learning effectiveness, highlights areas that need improvement, and provides a source of new training content.

  • Use data to spotlight top performers’ best practices, identify trends, and improve forecasting
  • Understand skills gaps at an individual and team level and use this to inform training for new hires
  • See how reps deliver messaging and product information to validate and improve training and learning content
  • Source content from sales calls to revise training or create new courses 

3. Improve Marketing Content for Sellers

With Conversation Intelligence, sales enablement and marketing managers can find out how content is being used by sellers, see which content is most effective, and incorporate these learnings into future content.

  • Learn how buyers are responding to messaging and interacting with content to observe content effectiveness
  • Detect sales conversation topics to automate content recommendations for different selling scenarios
  • Identify successful content for each pipeline stage and buyer type
  • Fuel content creation and improvement with hot topics, buyer questions, and objections—ensuring content is always being updated in the most impactful, relevant ways

Understand Rep Performance and Enable a Winning Team

Conversation Intelligence enables a more personalized approach to coaching and team productivity. Reps who understand precisely where they made mistakes—and what content they need to review to improve—are motivated to take action that will positively affect their next call—and put you on the path to a winning team.

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