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February 1, 2018

In case you missed it: ATD TechKnowledge 2018 Takeaways


Just rushed back from ATD TechKnowledge in San Jose, CA to bask in this Boston heatwave of near double digit temperatures while we get ready for the upcoming Pats victory at Super Bowl LII. Before casting aside our moisture wicking thermals and finally rocking some single layer outfits again, I want to highlight key takeaways from this year’s conference.

One thing’s for sure, the broader L&D community is adopting innovations pioneered by the Sales learning and training group:

1. Mobile is gaining ground in the world of L&D

With numerous sessions about mobile learning and several vendors pushing mobile learning solutions, it’s safe to say this revolution is beginning to engulf L&D as well.

2. Learners want video

Four out of every five vendors touted video capability as a cornerstone of their value proposition, and some of the most heavily trafficked breakout sessions centered on this medium.

3. The LMS is no longer the end-all be-all

Given the range of sessions with titles like, “Learning Beyond LMS: Modernize Your Training Technology Without Starting Over,” or, “Step Away from your LMS and Everybody Wins,” it’s clear that the role of the LMS is evolving away from being the single, centralized answer for all things learning, regardless of how well suited it was. Instead, the LMS increasingly serves as the system of record for an ecosystem of learning technologies.

4. Microlearning is key

With several speaker sessions about microlearning, multiple vendors dedicated to microlearning solutions, and a growing chorus of L&D professionals declaiming learning to be a continual process and not an event, we couldn’t help but notice the rest of the organization catching up with Sales Enablement in their understanding of the power of mobile, bite-sized, continuous learning.

This year’s ATD TechKnowledge revealed what’s shaping up to be a seismic shift in how L&D professionals think about learning and the technology that supports it. Gone are the days of jam-packed learning events and clunky, desktop-bound technology. With L&D professionals taking a page out the Sales group’s book, it’s safe to say mobile, video and bite-sized continuous learning are here to stay.

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