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3 Tips for Planning a Successful Sales Kickoff

Sales Kickoff Meeting
Think about your last sales kickoff; the session that probably generated the most energy and attention was the “successes from the field” session, in which salespeople discussed their big wins. This content is popular with other sellers because they trust their peers. In fact, research shows that salespeople prefer to get help from their peers. Our own eBook on sales learning success stresses the importance of learning in the field. For sales leaders, facilitating and institutionalizing peer-to-peer collaboration gets a huge boost through the largest, most formal sales training event of the... Continue Reading

Capturing the ROI of Sales Training

Capturing the ROI of Sales Training
Effective training is critical to the success of your salespeople, so it’s important to understand whether you’re getting the kind of return you expect from your training efforts. But assessing the ROI of sales training is often a challenge because the “R” (return)  part is hard to measure. It’s easy to figure out the “I” because the investment is a tangible dollar amount that is budgeted and spent.  That may be why many companies don’t bother to track the return on their training investments. They know it’s a good idea because they... Continue Reading

5 Stages to Transform Sales Training

If every new hire were a prodigy—a natural-born top seller—sales trainers, enablement professionals, and instructional designers would be out of a job. Creating results-oriented training programs would be as simple as handing out product manuals to new reps and then turning them loose in the field. But, salespeople who walk into the role and succeed without training are in short supply. What this means (in addition to job security for learning professionals) is that effective training needs a solid blueprint. And a great example by sales enablement leader, Mike Kunkle, is the... Continue Reading

A Training Solution for Today’s ‘Distracted and Impatient’ Employee

According to Meet the Modern Learner, a presentation by global industry analyst Josh Bersin, “Today’s employees are overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient.” They check their phones constantly; they won’t watch long videos; and they really don’t want to sit through lengthy classroom lectures. Instead, they want to learn from their peers and managers, as well as experts, and take control over their own development. As a training professional, how do you manage modern learning–especially when some classroom training is required? Flip the Classroom Blended learning is one solution; in particular, a ‘flipped classroom.’... Continue Reading