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Sales Predictions: What’s in Store for Your Sales Organization in 2018?

Sales teams around the globe are dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s as they wrap up 2017 and dive into the new year. Meanwhile, sales trainers are looking back on whether their sales organizations performed as expected or failed to deliver. They’re closely evaluating what worked and what didn’t in the past 12 months as they craft their training strategies for the coming year. Here are the top four trends we’re predicting will affect sales performance in the year ahead:  Trend #1: Process automation and augmented intelligence will continue to change... Continue Reading

Consider Your Sales Engineers when Choosing a Sales Learning Platform

Developers build the product. Salespeople sell the product. Sales engineers bridge the gap. Sales engineering, also known as technical sales or solutions consulting, serves as the foundation of technical knowledge for a sales organization.  To excel in the role, a sales engineer (SE) needs a deeper level of knowledge into many aspects of the business than a salesperson. This information often changes rapidly, comes from many departments within an organization, and requires technical chops to absorb, synthesize and communicate externally in a polished, confident manner. Some examples of this information include: Buyer... Continue Reading

Better Knowledge Retention Using Multimodal Learning for Sales

Want your team to remember and utilize more of what they learn from sales training? Supplement your written materials with video. Engaging multiple senses in the act of learning improves knowledge retention. This is called multimodal learning. Research shows using images combined with sound improves retention because the brain stores working memory in separate places for each.  So it’s a lot easier to run out of processing power if you’re loading up on all images or all sound.  However, when you combine the two, your brain splits the difference and absorbs more information. That’s... Continue Reading

Spaced Repetition is the Key to Sales Training Reinforcement

  When sales training efforts fail to deliver desired performance improvements, the likely culprit is lack of follow-up after initial training.  Without sales training reinforcement, reps start forgetting what they learned almost immediately — within a month, over 80% of it! But with complex relationships to manage, deals to close and quotas to hit, sales professionals can’t sit and study all day.  How do we ensure sales reps internalize critical knowledge without draining their time and patience? Spaced repetition overcomes the so-called “forgetting curve” because it moves new knowledge into long-term memory by flagging... Continue Reading