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Employees respond to video training

Today’s tech-savvy employees don’t want to sit through hours of meetings and look at pages of handouts for onboarding and skills training. They’re unlikely to remember the mountains of material that are often pushed out at these meetings. Instead, video is the ideal way to train your new and existing employees. Video provides a proven method that increases engagement and keeps the training front-of-mind. People pay attention to videos And here’s a reason why, as the Buggles reminded us, video killed the radio (or, in this case, the on-site training) star. it’s... Continue Reading

Improve Sales Performance with Bite-Sized Content, Reinforcement, and Informal Learning

part 2_drive_sales_performance
In Part 1 of this series summarizing Allego’s webinar: 5 Modern Learning Principles To Drive Higher Sales Performance, we examined ways to make sales learning content more personalized, as well as easier and faster to create (Principles #1 and #2). Here, we’ll look at ways to make content bite-sized and continuous so that it’s easier to digest, explore methods to reinforce learning, and learn how to deliver ongoing informal learning. Here are the three remaining modern learning principles you need to know. Bite-sized and Continuous Learning If you follow the chunk-sequence-layer approach... Continue Reading

How to Get Rock Star Sales Reps to Train Their Peers

Whether we like to admit it or not, watching reality TV competitions can be addictive. Shows like “The Voice” or “Chopped” put up some of the biggest numbers when it comes to ratings and viewership because it’s fun to get a candid glimpse into how the best and the brightest do what they do. Similarly, candid videos that show off the best work by our most talented colleagues are fun to watch, too (and fun for them to create). And they provide a powerful means to teach skills… including sales skills. That’s... Continue Reading

Allego 5.0: Just What the Doctor Ordered for Training and Enablement Teams

The 5.0 release marks Allego’s biggest offering yet for admins, managers, trainers and enablement professionals.  Allego’s best-in-class user experience for sales reps in the field is now complemented by an equally great experience for the people supporting them.  These advancements bolster Allego courses and curriculum learning and now empower organizations to incorporate modern learning practices into all of their training programs. New customizable dashboards provide greater visibility into competency levels and engagement across individuals and teams.  Now, senior leaders, managers and trainers get a single screen to quickly view key stats for... Continue Reading