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best pieces of sales advice
March 27, 2023

Introducing Amplify Success: Sales Advice from the Front Lines

best pieces of sales advice


Welcome to a new series from Allego: Amplify Success—practical advice from Allego salespeople about what works for them.

Sales is hard. We want to make it a little easier. And we know that sellers learn best from other sellers. Using the Allego platform, our reps have recorded short videos—what we refer to as agile content—to help other salespeople.

Read on to see why we’re “drinking our own champagne” and how agile content can help sellers improve everything from social selling to prospecting to digital sales rooms and more.

Seller to Seller Learning

Traditional learning content and sales collateral takes weeks or months to create. Here at Allego, we use agile approaches to sales enablement to quickly empower reps with content captured “in the wild” by other reps and SMEs.

Research shows that high-performing sales reps—those who have made quota for at least the past two years—list in-field observation of others, on-the-job, informal learning, and peer collaboration as their top three sources of learning.

Agile content helps ensure salespeople have the most recent information and are equipped for every selling situation. Agile content feeds just-in-time learning—which sellers crave—and enables them to have more meaningful conversations with buyers.

With agile content, you can give salespeople a continual stream of product information, messaging, and peer-created best practices that keeps them one step ahead of the competition.

You can strengthen your sales enablement initiatives with agile content. It starts by building a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Read 14 Steps to Amplify Success With Agile Content to see how to capture and share insights from your top performers and launch your own Amplify Success program.

In a rapidly changing world, agile content helps ensure salespeople are equipped for every selling situation.

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