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Allego® Launches Allego 7 to Power Sales Enablement that Wins Sellers and Buyers

One quarter of Dow Jones Industrial Average companies rely on Allego to equip sellers for success in a digitally-centered hybrid era


WALTHAM, Mass. June 23, 2022Allego, the leading sales enablement platform provider, today launched the latest generation of its product – Allego 7. The platform introduces multiple groundbreaking innovations across the entire spectrum of enablement to help companies win over their sellers and buyers. These latest product enhancements and Allego’s ongoing commitment to helping companies succeed in a hybrid environment has led to increased demand for the platform by its customers, who comprise 14 of the top 20 financial services asset managers, five of the largest medical device companies, half of the top 10 banks and three of the top five insurance companies.

Allego 7 enhancements help organizations address the comprehensive set of challenges typically siloed across multiple sales enablement applications. According to Allego’s research, The Sales Enablement Technology Report, which surveyed 330 B2B sales leaders earlier this year about their use of sales tools, 50% of companies deploy up to 5 tools to support sales efforts – with another 39% using more than 5 tools. An overwhelming 76% of companies say that poor adoption of sales tools is a top reason teams miss their sales quotas.

“This latest release brings numerous innovations that are first to market, providing sellers and buyers with what they need to truly win in the hybrid environment,” said Andre Black, Chief Product Officer at Allego. “It’s exciting to see our vision of supporting the modern sales enablement process across content management, sales training, and conversation intelligence become a reality. Reps can now practice buyer conversations with virtual actors, engage buyers with highly personalized digital sales rooms, and directly measure how content shared with buyers impacts their win rates – all in a single platform. We want sellers to spend their time orchestrating better buying journeys, not trying to become experts on multiple tools. Allego 7 is the platform they can depend on for sales success.”

With Allego 7, sales professionals can:

Strengthen engagement with richer seller and buyer content experiences

Allego 7 transforms sales teams’ content experiences to be more engaging while making customer-facing teams more efficient than ever before. Teams can now upload content that is more interactive, such as 3D product viewers or interactive calculators. They can also customize channels and digital sales rooms with new capabilities that deliver context, personality, and convenient cross-linking. And teams can deploy flexible presentations and documents that support guided personalization for each sales interaction.

Analyze learner progression and prove enablement impact

Allego 7 gives teams an immediate understanding of sales conversations and ensures messaging is being delivered effectively by automatically summarizing call moments into bite-sized highlight reels—an Allego first-to-market innovation. And, with improvements to AI-powered coaching and a new comprehensive view of learner progression, sales organizations can better prepare their customer-facing teams to handle any situation with confidence.

Deliver next generation learning and coaching that drives behavior change

Allego 7 delivers the next generation of virtual learning and coaching for the hybrid environment. Sales managers, trainers, and customer success teams can now practice two-way dialogs with the Dialog Simulator feature, an AI-generated virtual actor, to gain experiential learning prior to real conversations with customers. Plus, reps will be able to apply more focus during customer conversations by having Allego automatically summarize meeting notes and actions–ensuring they’ll never miss a key customer interaction. And, sellers can continually improve their selling skills on their own with instant access to new coaching-as-a-service that gives them professional feedback from a live coach right within the platform when they need it.

“One of the features I’m most excited about in Allego 7 is the Dialog Simulator. We do a lot of role playing and recording exercises for our new financial professionals (FPs) as part of our onboarding program that requires them to practice on their own,” said Molly Caven, program operations at Thrivent Financial.  “This new tool will help our FPs participate in more meaningful role plays by hearing AI responses. We can give our FPs more challenging role plays that are more realistic to what the real world will give them, and best of all, they can practice on their own time.”

The Allego platform’s product features and customer satisfaction recently earned Allego a spot on Selling Power’s Top 5 Sales Enablement Vendors in 2022 list. Vendors on the list were selected based on criteria including platform overview and features; onboarding, analytics, and ROI; customer support and platform security; and strength of client satisfaction and general feedback collected from customers. Allego is also the only platform ranked as a Leader across five major G2 categories including sales enablement, training and onboarding, sales coaching, conversation intelligence, and digital sales rooms.

“Customers want fewer and more capable tools, and there are simply too many narrowly defined sales tools available right now,” said Yuchun Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of Allego. “We know sales enablement is headed toward more comprehensive platforms that span sales content management, virtual selling, modern learning, and coaching. With Allego 7, we’re simplifying rep workflows while helping organizations build an easier to use, more efficient, and cost-effective sales tech stack.”


Allego 7 is available now. Select features will be made available in upcoming months. To learn how Allego can help you win with your sellers and buyers, schedule a demo or visit




About Allego
Allego provides a complete sales enablement platform with patented technology that ensures sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to engage buyers in a hybrid world. In place of traditional training and content enablement tactics, which are rapidly outdated and often ineffective, Allego empowers reps with the activated content they need to close deals faster, and the personalized coaching and learning they require for continuous improvement – all in the flow of their daily work. More than 750,000 professionals use Allego every day to revolutionize the way they manage seller and buyer content, train and upskill teams, and collaborate with buyers digitally. To learn more about Allego and how it can help you win with your sellers and buyers, please visit


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