Business Brief

How Remote Coaching and Feedback Invigorate a Dated Sales Coaching Approach

Today’s geographically dispersed sales teams face many challenges

These challenges can include communicating a consistent message, articulating value or having subject matter expertise on the buyer’s industry or solution.

Leading sales organizations have found that the simplest and most impactful way to facilitate remote coaching and feedback within their teams is to leverage mobile-video for collaboration anytime, anywhere.

In this solution brief, Allego shared a specific customer use case and present how the organization – a global investment management firm –  improved decade-old sales coaching approach. Read this brief to learn:

  • What challenges the financial services organization tackled
  • How managers improved remote coaching and feedback using Allego
  • How sales reps achieved the strongest year yet



Allego elevates sales performance by combining training, practice, coaching and knowledge sharing into one app, streamlined for the rapid pace of sales. Ready to learn more about Allego?

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