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Building Alliances for a Greater Good | Pat Berges
August 21, 2020

Adapter’s Advantage Podcast: Episode 7 Featuring Pat Berges

Welcome to The Adapter’s Advantage: Breakthrough Moments that Lead to Success. In this episode, VP Pat Berges describes how an industry put aside turf battles to bring critical training information to frontline healthcare workers around the world.

Pat Berges, Vice President of Global Commercial Capabilities, Medtronic is the Chair of the Ventilator Training Alliance (VTA). Built using Allego’s market-leading learning and enablement platform, the VTA app provides free mobile access to a multi-vendor library of training and product materials for medical professionals.

The VTA was launched in April 2020 as COVID-19 cases were spiking, along with the need for ventilators. Medtronic, a major ventilator manufacturer, was wrestling with how to train end users. It was releasing both new ventilator models and introducing models to new markets. Each model had different training requirements.

At the same time, the world was seeing a shortage of respiratory therapists, who have extensive ventilator expertise, as frontline workers were hit hard by the pandemic. Experts were in short supply and other clinicians were stepping in to fill the need. Hospitals had to get everyone trained as quickly as possible to help critically ill patients.

Pat wondered, “Are we the only manufacturer facing this challenge, or is this something everyone is facing?” His team quickly learned that ventilator manufacturers across the board were in the same situation.

Looking for answers, Pat reached out to Yuchun Lee, CEO of Allego. Pat recalled, “Allego has been a great partner with us for a few years in the learning space and I know it’s a small, agile company that’s very mission driven. I explained the situation that we were in and within minutes, Yuchun said, ‘I’m all in. Whatever we can do to help.’”

Listen to today’s episode as Pat describes how Medtronic built alliances with over thirty vendors in a highly competitive industry to launch the Ventilator Training App and deliver life-saving training information.

Episode 7: Building Alliances for a Greater Good | Pat Berges

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“We’re in a more turbulent environment than we’ve ever been in. Those that can adapt most quickly to the change and learn new skills are going to be the most successful. Learning agility is the competence of the future.” — Pat Berges

From This Episode

Host Mark Magnacca: “What drives you in your role?”

Pat Berges: “I think it’s seeing the impact of how learning can really change the game. We focus on creating experiences through our learning pathways, knowing that 70% of the time, people grow and develop through on-the-job experience.

“Through my time in this profession, I have seen the impact of creating those experiences for learners around the world. Ultimately, what that does in my industry—health care—is help expand access to care.

“We’re helping to serve the mission that, at Medtronic, every one of the 90,000 employees is behind, and that’s alleviating pain, restoring health, extending life. And we can do that through education.”

About Adapter’s Advantage

Our podcast features leaders from sales, training, and industry who share their personal journeys of transformation and how they are adapting to an ever-changing environment. Your host Mark Magnacca will introduce you to some of the most interesting and inspiring people he’s met over the last twenty years.

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Our world is in constant change. The podcast helps sales training, enablement, or learning and development professionals gain valuable insights to help themselves and their organizations adapt to this time of tremendous upheaval.

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