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A Medical Device Maker Turns Budget Cuts into Better Sales Training Using Sales Readiness Technology

We don’t normally think of budget cuts and belt-tightening as good things. Less may be more in fields like architecture and design, but in sales training, less money translates into fewer services and smaller (overworked) staffs. But when the sales training team at one medical device maker was facing budget cuts, they decided to respond differently. Instead of scaling back, they moved forward. By adopting Allego, they were able to dramatically improve the company’s sales enablement program with fewer resources—to achieve the fabled goal of “doing more with less.” Additional Challenges “We... Continue Reading

“The Five Things All Great Salespeople Do” according to Harvard Business Review

This article originally appeared on Author: Joseph Curtis The best salespeople take pride in their work. They separate themselves from the rest of the pack regardless of circumstance. How do they do it? I’ve spent 16 years in technology sales. I’ve noticed that great sales professionals in tech and beyond share some habits and characteristics. I’ve distilled my observations into five recommendations for success. Here’s what I advise: — OWN EVERYTHING Elite salespeople approach their goals with a total-ownership mindset. Anything that happens to them, whether or not it was their... Continue Reading

3 Coaching Tips to Help Reps Overcome Sales Objections

If you were a movie producer, would you ever say this to your actors? “Don’t bother coming to rehearsals. Just be poised and confident in front of the camera. Oh, and be ready to improvise in case the other actors see an opportunity to take the scene in a different direction.” Probably not. Yet when it comes to preparing sales reps for customer objections, that’s exactly what many managers tacitly say: “I know we didn’t practice responses, so just be confident and get ready to think on your feet. You’ve got this.”... Continue Reading

Mobile Video Sales Certifications Open Doors for Pharmaceutical Companies [Case Study]

Chris Gish had a problem. The Vice President of Sales at a global pharmaceutical company needed to certify the sales force on a new indication (read: usage) for one of the company’s drugs. On one hand, learning about the new indication wouldn’t require that much training. On the other, the firm’s 140 reps were scattered across the country, so flying everyone to HQ for a relatively short meeting would be a waste of both human and financial resources. In the past, Gish would have simply resorted to using video conference software to... Continue Reading