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impact of Brexit on sales teams
February 21, 2024

Beyond Borders: Transforming Sales Strategies in a Post-Brexit UK

impact of Brexit on sales teams

Brexit, while no longer a headline-grabbing event, has been a constant presence over the past four years, with UK businesses continuously adapting to the impact of leaving the European Union (EU). While the topic itself seems like old news, the impact of Brexit has stretched far further than many of us could have predicted, and even now, sellers in the United Kingdom (UK) are still navigating a tumultuous landscape and learning how to tackle the hurdles created by the change.

Analysis released just last year by the University of Sussex’s UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO), reveals that UK businesses are struggling with increased costs, labor and skill issues, and supply shortages and issues following the UK’s departure from the EU.

The seismic shifts caused by Brexit have left UK sales professionals facing a labyrinth of new challenges, especially those targeting markets outside the UK. The introduction of new trade barriers, complicated regulations, and changing market dynamics has made it essential to transform sales strategies to properly equip sales professionals to deal with the new expectations.

How Brexit Has Impacted UK Sales Teams

Since going into effect, Brexit has raised three areas of concern for UK sales teams:

  • New Regulations to Navigate: With the UK stepping outside the EU’s regulatory framework, sales teams had to quickly adjust to new trade laws and customs, turning each sale into a journey through complex bureaucracy.
  • Cost and Delay Concerns: New tariffs and customs checks have introduced delays and increased costs, directly impacting sales cycles and squeezing margins, making seller effectiveness even more crucial.
  • Constant Market Changes: The uncertainty and evolving market mean sales strategies must be more flexible and attentive to what customers want and need, exactly when they need it.

This all requires time for understanding, planning, and implementation. Sales teams must navigate a steep learning curve to understand new trade laws and customs procedures, while businesses need to reassess and adapt their operational and sales strategies in light of the new costs and market realities. This process of adaptation is gradual, as it involves rethinking established practices and integrating new approaches that align with the post-Brexit trading environment.

Technology’s Role in Navigating a Post-Brexit Landscape

With challenges come opportunities—particularly through the innovative use of technology. Adopting a comprehensive modern revenue enablement solution is a huge leap toward solving the challenges outlined above. Revenue enablement solutions equip sales teams with the necessary tools and information to tackle new trade barriers and regulatory complexities head-on.

By providing access to up-to-date learning materials, real-time data analytics, and streamlined communication channels, these solutions empower sellers with the agility and knowledge required to adapt their strategies in a rapidly changing international trade environment. This not only enhances their ability to remain competitive, but it also ensures they can effectively respond to the evolving demands of global markets, turning potential obstacles into opportunities for growth and success.

Technology Solutions for Each Post-Brexit Challenge

Regulatory Navigation

  • Sales Content Management: An effective sales content management system can be updated in real-time with the latest regulatory information, ensuring that all sales materials reflect current trade laws and customs procedures. This helps sales teams stay informed and compliant, reducing the risk of navigating through complex bureaucracy.
  • AI-powered Modern Learning and Coaching: AI-driven learning and coaching tools can quickly bring sales teams up to speed on new regulations and trading environments. Custom learning paths and on-demand training ensure that sales representatives understand how to navigate the regulatory landscape effectively, practicing various scenarios and outcomes while making compliance an integral part of their sales strategy.

Cost and Delay Concerns

  • Conversation Intelligence: By analyzing sales calls and meetings, conversation intelligence provides insights into which strategies are most effective under the new trading conditions. This can help sales teams refine their approach, focusing on methods that minimize the impact of delays and costs on the sales cycle, thereby preserving margins.
  • Digital Sales Rooms: Digital sales rooms offer a streamlined, cost-effective way to engage with prospects and customers, reducing the need for physical meetings that can be costly and time-consuming. By curating content collections and providing a secure environment for communication, digital sales rooms help accelerate the sales process by providing information on the customer’s terms, even in the face of new tariffs and customs checks.

Adapting to Market Changes

  • AI-powered Modern Learning and Coaching: This type of tool allows sales teams to rapidly adapt to market changes by providing them with the latest insights and strategies tailored to evolving customer needs. The AI identifies successful sales tactics and disseminates this knowledge across the team, ensuring sales representatives are always equipped with the most effective, up-to-date approaches.
  • Showreels: Sales managers and coaches can use Showreels to highlight successful sales interactions and strategies that resonate with current market sentiments, providing real-life examples for the team to learn from. The software creates them automatically based on a specific prompt, snipping key moments from real conversations and packaging up various quotes and viewpoints to communicate a key message, fast. By showcasing how to address customer concerns and needs effectively, Showreels serve as a powerful tool for adapting sales strategies to meet the demands of a fast-paced, changing market.

In the face of post-Brexit challenges, advanced revenue enablement technologies play a crucial role for UK sellers aiming at international markets. Equipping sales teams with AI-driven insights, regulatory updates, and digital engagement tools, streamlines adaptation to new trade laws and customer demands.

Leveraging this type of technology enables UK sellers to navigate complex regulations and connect effectively with global customers through personalized experiences. By embracing revenue enablement solutions, UK businesses can transform Brexit-induced hurdles into opportunities for growth, ensuring their competitive edge in the global market.

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