Enable Sales Reps with Easy Access to the Right Content

Sales Content Management

Designed for Salespeople

Your sales reps are busy, so they need easy access to the right content. Allego’s mobile-first UI and sales content management capabilities enhance seller productivity. Our intuitive navigation ensures that bite-sized videos, screen captures, documents, and more are easy for reps to access anytime, anywhere, and on any device–even when they’re offline.

Agile Content

Product launches, regulatory updates, and many other events happen way too quickly for marketers to keep up using traditional content creation options. Reps need to be current to be effective, or they’ll lose deals. With Allego, subject matter experts can capture and share bite-sized videos, demos, and more in minutes, ensuring that reps are always armed with the latest information to help them win.

Gold for Marketers

Sometimes the only way to find out if new messaging works is to hear about it from the field, but that’s easier said than done, right?  With Allego, it is easy! Allego gives reps an instant feedback mechanism to communicate not just with each other, but also to share vital information with Marketing about what’s working, what’s missing, and what’s needed.  Armed with real-time feedback, marketers can be more responsive, adjusting priorities dynamically to ensure that they nail the message and drive more business.

Ready for Buyers

Sometimes it’s not just reps who need the latest information. When things change quickly–market fluctuations, regulatory updates, world events, etc.– Allego enables subject matter experts to create key messages that reps or marketers can easily deliver to external audiences and then track viewership.  Knowing the impact of your external communications helps you prioritize follow-up and understand whether content has achieved its intended impact.

Works with Seismic

Allego’s tight integration with Seismic combines the value of two industry-leading platforms to make salespeople more productive and successful. Now reps can send high-impact, agile Allego content right from Seismic, benefit from integrated just-in-time learning to ensure optimal content use, and onboard more effectively using the most up-to-date sales assets.

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