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Allego and Refract
December 9, 2020

Allego Acquires Refract: Adds Rocket Fuel to Vision for Virtual Sales Learning, Enablement, and Engagement

Allego and Refract

I’m pleased to announce that Allego has acquired Refract, a UK-based leader in sales engagement and multilingual conversation analytics, to help organizations succeed in the virtual world.

The combination of Allego and Refract strengthens our current market-leading position as an all-in-one solution provider for sales enablement, including sales learning and content management, and forms the foundation for critical new sales engagement capabilities that will empower sales professionals who must excel at virtual selling.

“In addition to bringing powerful new tech to the Allego platform, the Refract team expands our presence in the UK, serving as our new European headquarters with a full complement of talent across engineering, sales, marketing, and customer success to help drive the company’s global expansion,” said Yuchun Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Allego. “This is a powerful union that will bring more value to our joint customers and add rocket fuel to our vision for virtual sales learning, enablement, and engagement.”

Refract brings deep capabilities in revenue intelligence—delivering AI-enhanced content and coaching recommendations from sales calls, demos and meetings—that will help Allego customers improve sales outcomes and grow revenue in the post-pandemic era.

Improving Virtual Sales Capabilities

70% of sales people have expressed concerns about their effectiveness in remote selling scenarios. Virtual teams are turning to sales learning and enablement platforms like Allego to deliver the just-in-time guidance and relevant sales content they need to continuously improve seller competency and close more business.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever for sales and sales enablement leaders to analyze their teams’ real-world interactions between reps, prospects and customers, to understand what top performers do differently and what leads to successful outcomes, so that they can provide in-the-moment learning and coaching that improve revenue performance.

Advancing Sales Conversation Intelligence and Engagement

This acquisition builds on a year-long partnership between Allego and Refract, during which a portion of Refract’s conversation analytics technology was integrated into our sales call recording and call coaching capability. Now, the combined companies will significantly expand the current integration, while rapidly bringing new AI technologies, reporting, analytics, and prospect engagement capabilities to customers.

“We’ve had the opportunity to get to know the Refract team over the last year and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome this impressive group to the Allego family,” added Lee.

“Revenue is won and lost in sales conversations. Our mission at Refract has always been to help sales reps close more deals by better understanding their revenue-defining moments,” said Kevin Beales, CEO and Founder of Refract. “Now, as part of Allego, we can enhance the Allego all-in-one experience by identifying those key moments, and trigger the learning, coaching, content, and customer engagement that support increasingly remote teams to accelerate revenue performance.”

Analyzing and Understanding Every Call

Refract is a provider of sales engagement and conversation analytics that helps sales teams around the world improve conversations and close more deals. Refract analyses every call and demo, profiling the revenue defining moments, revealing the DNA of successful outcomes.

Sales leaders and individual reps use Refract to develop faster through reflection, replicating top-performing peers, and deliver ‘conversation triggered’ learning and resources.

Allego’s learning and enablement platform ensures that employees have the skills, timely knowledge, and supporting materials to accelerate team success. Instead of traditional onboarding and training marathons—which are rapidly outdated and quickly forgotten—enablement and training teams use Allego to deliver the fresh, bite-sized learning that employees need to close deals in today’s dynamic business environment.

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