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AI-generated image of a human hand and robot-like hand pointing to each other, illustrating human and AI collaboration
February 15, 2024

Human-AI Collaboration: The New Frontier in B2B Sales

AI-generated image of a human hand and robot-like hand pointing to each other, illustrating human and AI collaboration

Advancements in AI have some people concerned. I understand that. I have seen ChatGPT write some clever things, causing me to wonder if my work will soon be done by machines. After using the generative AI tool for more than a year, though, I am a lot less worried.

That’s because gen AI tools still need humans to create quality content. When it comes to writing, humans must input the prompts and then assess the output and often edit it. Gen AI tools are another tool in my toolbox, much like Google Search or my MacBook. They help me do my job better and faster. But they can’t do it alone.

It’s the same for sales and enablement teams. AI-enhanced tools act like digital assistants that automate processes and analyze content and data, allowing you to focus on more strategic functions and increasing your productivity.

The key is knowing how AI-enhanced enablement can help. You don’t have to bow to the AI overlords, but you do have to collaborate with them. Because if you don’t, your competitors will—and you’ll be left behind as prospects buy from them and not you.

Revolutionize Sales Excellence with AI

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3 Areas Where AI Helps Sales Teams

There are three specific areas where embracing AI in sales can have the most significant impact, driving efficiency, productivity, and overall success.

Enhanced Sales Rep Growth and Behavior Change 

AI enables personalized and automated skill development for sales teams, fostering behavioral change and reinforcing learning. Innovative AI technology enables learning experiences tailored to individual sellers to enhance skill development and drive behavior change. Utilizing virtual actor-led dialog simulations, AI-coached exercises, and personalized recommendations, each interaction is designed to empower reps and foster continuous improvement. Plus, AI-powered quizzes and personalized feedback give sales reps the support they need to excel and deliver exceptional results.

Modern User Experiences

Like your customers, your sales reps want cutting-edge user experiences. That means the tools they use must behave like the B2C platforms they’re accustomed to. AI-enhanced revenue enablement platforms provide that. With features such as AI-driven speech recognition, real-time language translation, natural language search capabilities, and generative AI-powered content synthesis, those platforms have redefined how sales teams engage with content and enhance sellers’ productivity.

Improved Sales and Engagement

By harnessing AI-driven insights, businesses can empower sales teams to drive meaningful buyer conversations and engagements, providing them with actionable strategies that yield tangible results. For example, AI-generated call summaries help sales reps with strategic next steps following meetings with buyers. And when sellers need a quick answer reflecting the latest messaging, content, or best practices, generative AI-powered search can get it for them, pulling information from your top content matches in your sales content management system.

A Deeper Dive into AI’s Advantages in Sales

The adoption of AI in B2B selling goes beyond basic operational efficiencies. It ushers in a new era of personalized, dynamic, and impactful sales strategies. As we delve deeper into the specific benefits that AI technology brings to the table, it’s clear the advantages are not just about enhancing productivity but also about redefining the sales experience for reps and customers alike.

Here’s a look at how you can leverage AI’s capabilities to elevate the performance of your sales teams and enablement managers, ensuring they’re equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of the modern sales environment.

For Sales Representatives:

  • Efficient Information Retrieval: AI significantly reduces the time required to find technical answers buried in content assets, allowing reps to spend more time engaging with prospects.
  • Relevant Knowledge Checks: AI tailors learning materials to the most crucial aspects of the sales role and products, making learning more impactful.
  • Immersive Practice Experiences: Advanced AI simulations provide realistic practice scenarios, preparing sales reps for real-world interactions and boosting their confidence.

For Sales Managers:

  • Streamlined Coaching: AI tools highlight and summarize key moments in conversations, facilitating efficient review, sharing, and training.
  • Track and Analyze Sales Rep Performance: AI-enhanced platforms automate the collection and analysis of sales activity data, as well as monitor KPIs, such as sales volume and conversion rates.
  • Skill Assessment: Through the use of machine learning algorithms, these platforms can analyze sales rep activities and outcomes to identify patterns, strengths, and areas for improvement.

For Enablement Teams and Content Creators:

  • Operational Efficiency: AI automates scalable tasks, freeing up resources and allowing teams to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Innovative Experience Creation: AI enables the design of unique learning and engagement experiences that would otherwise be too costly or complex, such as adaptive learning paths.
  • Reduced Tedious Tasks: By handling high-volume tasks, AI prevents tedious tasks from overwhelming enablement teams.

It’s evident AI doesn’t just change the game. It creates a whole new playing field where sales teams and enablement professionals can perform at their peak, backed by the most advanced tools and insights available today.

Key Features to Consider in AI-Enhanced Enablement Platforms

Selecting the right AI-enhanced enablement platform isn’t just about choosing a tool labeled “enhanced with AI.” It’s crucial to understand how the AI is applied and what specific features are augmented by this technology. As you assess potential platforms, consider the following questions to gauge the sophistication and relevance of the AI capabilities offered.

  • Does the platform offer a dialog simulator enhanced by generative AI? This feature should provide AI actors in video role-plays to dynamically respond to seller inputs, offering a unique and effective way to refine conversation skills and adaptability in real-time scenarios.
  • Can the platform perform Q&A searches powered by generative AI? Look for the ability to quickly extract key answers from both user-generated and platform content, ensuring rapid access to relevant information. This is especially crucial for platforms that can source field-generated (agile) content where the most pertinent knowledge resides.
  • Does the software leverage generative AI for instant, inline assessments? This should offer targeted feedback that aligns with best learning practices, dynamically generated to meet specific evaluation needs for ongoing development.
  • Does the platform provide call summarization with generative AI? The ideal tool will offer concise summaries and actionable insights from sales conversations, aiding in the formulation of effective follow-up strategies.
  • Does the platform include a Conversation Intelligence tool, enabling sales coaches to analyze sales conversations, automatically identify areas of concern, and coach multiple sales reps in different locations?

Asking those questions will help you distinguish between superficial AI applications and genuinely transformative tools that can elevate your sales processes.

Embracing Human-AI Collaboration in B2B Selling

The future of B2B selling lies in human-AI collaboration. While integrating AI into sales processes may initially seem daunting, modern revenue enablement platforms like Allego make it easy and allay your fears. Their innovative AI-guided tools empower sales teams to stay ahead of the curve, drive meaningful engagement and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Revolutionize Sales Excellence with AI

Revolutionize Sales Excellence with AI webinar title in white text on black backgroundWatch Revolutionize Sales Excellence with AI to learn how to harness AI to develop sales reps’ skills, leverage Conversation Intelligence to optimize limited managerial time, and more.

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