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August 14, 2017

The State of Sales Training ROI

First in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training.


As mobile video-based sales learning platforms move beyond visionary early adopters and into the mainstream, Allego has been working with customers to more thoroughly capture and measure the business impact of investments in sales learning. At last June’s Sales Success Summit, our customer conference, attendees chose ROI as the topic they most wanted us to cover. Since the data and best practices we collected apply more broadly than to just Allego customers, we’re sharing them through a series of blog posts in hopes of advancing the state of sales learning ROI measurement.

Follow the Money!

Companies spend billions every year training their sales teams. No one seriously doubts its importance. Yet the results generally disappoint. An astounding 96 percent of the sales leaders, trainers and reps we polled last year felt their training needs improvement!

Systematically measuring the ROI of sales learning reveals the path out of this situation by differentiating those investments that sales performance from those that don’t. Quantifying impact lets training and enablement teams more effectively champion their initiatives and win additional resources.

The State of Sales Training ROI

So, how effectively are sales organizations measuring ROI today? While some of our customers prove business impact using test and control groups and other state-of-the-art methodologies, many teams are still looking for their car keys under the streetlight.

Check out this two-minute highlight from our ROI session to learn more about the current state of ROI measurement and to see several sources of ROI you’re probably already delivering but not capturing.


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