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August 28, 2017

Reducing Sales Training Costs with Modern Sales Learning

Third in a series of posts about the ROI of sales training.

Cost savings deliver the gold standard of ROI, beloved of CFOs. Calculating it is more straightforward than the other types of ROI that sales training platforms deliver. Travel costs avoided by using video instead of in-person training count now, not in the future. Not surprisingly, sales enablement and sales learning teams quantifying ROI usually start here.

This two minute video from the “Capturing the ROI of Sales Learning” session at Allego’s Sales Success Summit provides some nice benchmark data about the exact amount you can expect to save by reducing travel costs. You’ll also learn about a few cost savings that teams frequently overlook. Including them in your program’s ROI report will surely make your finance team smile!

Sales learning teams save serious bucks with Allego. One of our customers in the medical device industry saved over $4M in a single year by reducing in-person meetings and training sessions, paying back the cost of Allego many times over. But sales training cost savings only scratches the surface of ROI. In the next post , we’ll dig deep into quantifying an even bigger opportunity: increasing revenue growth

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