Virtual Sales Platform

Virtual Selling

Empower your sellers to deliver a virtual sales experience that improves buyer engagement and helps close deals.

Accelerate results for virtual sales teams

Share content with buyers right from email, CRMs and social sites and track how they engage in real time.
Cut through the noise using personalized video messages for prospects with in-video interactivity and links to pertinent content and call clips.
Delight buyers with digital sales rooms featuring curated content collections, refined using internal collaborative team channels and insights from AI-powered conversation intelligence.

Enable buyers virtually with personalized digital sales content and experiences. Drive engagement throughout the virtual sales cycle.

Allego’s virtual sales platform produces higher engagement and greater pipeline velocity by empowering salespeople with the tools to deliver a frictionless buying experience

Share relevant marketing content using trackable email and browser plugins that automatically tie to CRM.
Personalized Video Messaging Drive higher engagement and increase response rates by empower sellers to create and share video messages with buyers.
Equip reps with “best bet” recommendations at each deal stage with supporting explainer videos for context.
AI Call Intelligence Automate insights and next-best-action recommendations across every recorded call.
Give reps a dedicated space to collaborate and assemble resources using asynchronous video sharing, point-in-time threaded discussions and presentation feedback.

Engage Buyers With Digital Sales Rooms

Empower sellers to guide buyers through curated digital sales content experiences based on marketing’s asset recommendations.

  • Deploy a secure virtual sales space for ongoing collaboration with buyers
  • Delight buyers with a branded content experience guided by marketing insights
  • Put a face to the experience using personal video messages to “greet” buyers and contextualize assets
  • Eliminate hassle for buyers with a centralized buying resource hub
  • Track engagement by various stakeholders to prioritize follow-up


Allego Digital Sales Room

Understand Buyer Engagement

  • Empower sellers to stay ahead of roadblocks
  • View user-friendly analytics to help your sellers understand buyer engagement
  • Prioritize follow-up activity with real-time notifications and dashboards highlighting prospect engagement
Deal Content Tracking

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Capture buyers’ attention with digital sales content
Drive engagement with digital sales rooms
Stay top of mind between sales meetings
Accelerate virtual sales cycles
Track prospect engagement
Personalized Video Messaging

I can tie $1.6 million of additional revenue to Allego. And hard numbers aside, my wholesalers tell me that regularly seeing each other’s faces through the Allego videos helps them overcome the loneliness they sometimes experience in the field, and that they feel more connected to one another than they have in 20 years working together.

Mike McGlothlin EVP / Ash Brokerage

We’re leveraging Allego as an on-demand repository and finding new ways to use it. We’re also using it for onboarding by creating training channels. So, if someone didn’t have time to watch a training video when it was released, they can go back at any time to get trained up.

Jeff Lovanio Head of Learning & Development / Voya Investment Management

We saw an open rate of nearly 30% using Allego for virtual selling.

Director of Learning and Development / John Hancock

Digital Sales Rooms allow our reps to share all relevant information, including intro videos from the Veritas team, key sales collateral, invitations to events, product information, pricing, demos, and more.

Matt Miersen Senior Manager, Global Sales Enablement / Veritas Technologies LLC