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AI chatbot illustration depicting GPTs for sales enablement
January 18, 2024

22 of the Best Custom GPTs for Sales Enablement

AI chatbot illustration depicting GPTs for sales enablement

In the rapidly evolving world of sales enablement, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. The emergence of generative AI and the proliferation of GPTs has opened a new horizon for sales enablement managers, as it has for sales teams, promising greater efficiency, innovation, and revenue growth..

This blog post, the follow-up to my post about the best custom GPTs for sales, dives into the top GPTs tailored specifically for people leading sales enablement at their companies. All are available in OpenAI’s GPT Store with a GPT Plus or Enterprise subscription.

For this list, I began with a fundamental question: How can GPTs transform the landscape of sales enablement? The answer lies not just in their ability to streamline tasks, but in their potential to revolutionize them. Sales enablement, critical for driving revenue and ensuring the success of sales teams, involves a plethora of tasks. Sales enablement managers are involved in new hire onboarding, sales training, sales content management, and implementing cutting-edge tools and software. It’s a lot.

Now, though, GPTs for sales enablement have emerged as powerful allies, offering assistance and insights—and freeing managers up to focus on more strategic responsibilities.

Whether it’s creating compelling sales training materials, streamlining scheduling, or implementing new software, these GPTs can help transform how sales enablement managers work.

My goal with this list is to provide sales enablement managers with a comprehensive guide to harnessing the power of GPTs. Each has been selected for its unique capabilities to assist in the myriad aspects of sales enablement. Whether it’s creating compelling sales training materials, streamlining scheduling, or implementing new software, these GPTs can help transform how sales enablement managers work.

You’ll also see suggested prompts in each description to help you quickly grasp how these GPTs can fit into your existing workflows. The prompts serve as a starting point, but also hopefully inspire you to explore more of what these AI assistants can do.

As always, be cautious when using these GPTs. Refrain from entering sensitive information, double check sources, and check math and formulas.

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22 GPTs for Sales Enablement

Banknotes icon representing revenueGPTs for Revenue Enablement

All-encompassing GPTs to help with revenue enablement, sales enablement management, and go-to-market strategy.


Enably is an expert in sales enablement, creating tailored plans and documents. Suggested prompts:

  • What are the essential sales enablement tools and technologies we should be using?
  • Can you help create training materials focusing on [specific product/service features]?
  • How can I tailor the sales playbook to emphasize our company’s unique selling points in [specific market segment]?


GTMwiz: Build Your Go-to-Market Strategy

Marketing, sales, customer success, revenue operations, and enablement teams now have a GTM expert as part of their team. GTMwiz uses a comprehensive, data-driven, and expert-proven approach trained by some of the best go-to-market leaders.

Suggested prompt:

  • Build my GTM strategy: The chatbot will ask you a series of questions, then create your strategy.



A revenue enablement expert specializing in technology sales, this chatbot can assist you with a variety of sales enablement issues. Suggested prompts:

  • Can you assist in developing a training module for our new sales reps focusing on [specific skill or product knowledge]?
  • I need help in creating a section of our sales playbook that covers [specific sales scenario or strategy].
  • Which key performance indicators should I focus on to effectively gauge the success of our sales enablement initiatives?
  • What are best practices for onboarding new sales reps to ensure they are quickly up to speed with our products and sales techniques?

Cloud computing iconGPTs for Technology Implementation

Chatbots for IT strategy, management, and implementation.

Technology Advisor GPT

Technology Advisor GPT is an expert in tech trends, IT strategy, and technology implementation advice. Suggested prompts:

  • How to stay updated with tech trends?
  • Strategies for aligning tech with business goals?
  • Best practices for deploying new tech solutions?
  • Explain data privacy laws in tech.


AI & Automation Change Specialist

This chatbot specializes in managing organizational change for new technology implementations, focusing on AI and automation integration for streamlined and successful transitions. Suggested prompts:

  • Can you help assist in our readiness for implementing new sales enablement software?
  • What strategies do you recommend for training our sales reps on a new sales enablement platform?
  • How can we effectively communicate upcoming technology and tool changes to our sales team?


CLM Coach

CLM Coach is an expert in B2B contract lifecycle management (CLM) and the use of AI for complex goods and technology. Suggested prompts:

  • How to negotiate technology service agreements.
  • What are key considerations in sales enablement platform procurement?
  • Explain the contract drafting process for software services.

Book icon for learningGPTs for Learning and Development

Chatbots for creating learning and development courses.

Course Creator Pro

Course Creator Pro can help you create detailed, comprehensive online courses on specific topics. Suggested prompts:

  • Create a course on [enter your topic]
  • Develop an exam for [enter your topic]
  • Write a slide script for [enter your topic]


Course Creator Assistant

Course Creator Assistant is an expert in online course creation, offering detailed feedback and tailored advice. Enter the details you want for your course, and it will give you an outline and more. Suggested prompts:

  • How can I make my course more interactive?
  • What are effective assessment methods for online courses?
  • What suggestions do you have for making my course content more engaging?
  • How can I integrate technology effectively in my course?



CourseGPT helps coaches and educators create courses. Suggested prompts:

  • How can I structure my course on [enter your topic]?
  • What are effective teaching strategies for online learning?
  • Can you suggest activities for learner engagement?

Archiver icon for content organizing and curatingGPTs for Content Organization

Chatbots for curating and organizing sales and marketing content.

Automated Content Curator

Use this digital assistant to help you plan, organize, and maintain content. Suggested prompts:

  • What types of content do I need for each step in the sales cycle?
  • How can I ensure our sales reps can find and will use sales content and collateral?
  • Can you help me develop a content maintenance schedule for reviewing and removing outdated or seldom-used content?


Content Curator

Content Curator is a digital content manager that has IP rights tracking and data security. Use it to organize and track content. Suggested prompts:

  • How do I organize my digital files?
  • Can you track IP rights in my content?
  • Help me categorize these documents.



This digital assistant specializes in content curation. It can help you organize and optimize your sales content and collateral. Suggested prompts:

  • Can you help me create a sales content curation plan?
  • Can you give me strategies for categorizing my sales content effectively?
  • Can you help me identify gaps in my sales content library?

book open for onboardingGPTs for Onboarding

Chatbots for onboarding new employees, including sales reps. 

HR Onboard Prodigy

Use this GPT to craft personalized employee onboarding experiences. It will help you with welcome kits, first-day plans, integration strategies, and more. Suggested prompts:

  • Suggest a first-day schedule for a new sales rep.
  • Create an onboarding checklist for remote employees.
  • Generate a welcome email template for new hires.


HR Onboarding Sidekick

This GPT streamlines HR processes, answers policy queries, and fosters a warm welcome for new hires. Suggested prompts:

  • Explain our company’s leave policy.
  • Schedule a welcome meeting for our new hire.
  • Create a personalized onboarding checklist.


New Employee Onboarding Plan

This chatbot creates personalized and detailed onboarding plans based on the employee’s role. Suggested prompt:

  • Enter the new employee’s title, and the chatbot asks you follow-up questions to create a detailed onboarding plan.


HR Onboarding Wizard Pro

This GPT helps you create seamless onboarding experiences. Use it to help with paperwork, create training schedules, develop sales onboarding materials, and more. Suggested prompts:

  • Give me an outline of the types of materials I need to create for onboarding new sales reps.
  • Suggest methods for collecting feedback for an onboarding program for new sales reps.
  • Give me a FAQ of questions new sales reps may have during the onboarding process.

bullhorn icon for trainingGPTs for Training and Coaching

Chatbots for creating training and coaching programs.

Sales Coach Pro

Sales Coach Pro is a comprehensive and interactive sales training expert that covers all aspects of the sales process. Suggested prompts:

  • What are some daily practices or exercises sales reps can do to continuously improve their sales skills?
  • Can you provide strategies to help sales teams effectively understand and address customer needs in a sales conversation?
  • Can you create a continuous learning plan for all members of our sales team?


Training and Development Specialist Helper

This GPT helps you enhance the skills and knowledge of your employees through effective and tailored training strategies. Areas it can help include providing guidance on training techniques, establishing training metrics and methods to assess the impact of training, and reviewing instructional materials and suggesting improvements. Suggested prompts:

  • Discuss the latest trends in employee training.
  • How can I improve instructional techniques?
  • Do you have tips for effective class scheduling?
  • What are best practices for training material development?


Training Material Design Advisor

This chatbot helps you design effective training materials to enhance organizational learning and performance. Suggested prompts:

  • What are effective instructional design strategies?
  • How can I measure the effectiveness of training materials?
  • How can I incorporate emerging elearning technologies in training material design?
  • How can I align training materials with overall business strategy?

calendar icon for scheduligGPTs for Scheduling

Chatbots for creating and optimizing schedules for training, onboarding, and meetings.

AI Calendar Assistant

Upload a screenshot of your sales training calendar, and AI Calendar Assistant will analyze it and offer tips to optimize the schedule. Suggested prompts:

  • Here’s our training calendar for the next month. We’re struggling to fit all sessions within regular working hours. Could you propose a more efficient layout?
  • This is our training schedule for new team members. How can we incorporate more interactive sessions or breaks to improve engagement?
  • In the attached training schedule, we’ve used a mix of webinars, in-person sessions, and self-paced learning. How can we optimize this mix for better learning outcomes?


HR Onboarding Wizard Pro

As part of its onboarding capabilities, this chatbot helps you develop onboarding and training schedules. Suggested prompt:

  • Help me design a comprehensive onboarding schedule for a new sales representative. The schedule should span the first month and include key activities, such as orientation sessions, product training, introductions to the sales team and other departments, CRM and sales tools training, meetings with mentors, shadowing experiences, and initial sales calls. Also, please incorporate time for reviewing company policies, sales strategies, and customer engagement techniques. I’d like the schedule to balance structured learning with practical experiences, ensuring the new hire is well-prepared and integrated into the team.



OfficeGPT helps with task management, meeting scheduling, and email organization. Use it to enhance efficiency and productivity in your workplace. Suggested prompts:

  • How can I handle urgent emails efficiently?
  • Can you give me strategies for short yet effective meetings?
  • Create a training schedule for new sales reps.

Embrace the Future of Sales Enablement with GPTs

These GPTs for sales enablement are more than just aids; they’re game-changers. They streamline routine tasks, freeing enablement managers to focus on strategic growth and team success. Embrace these AI-powered assistants as part of your quest for a more efficient and innovative sales environment. Stay tuned for more insights in our series, as I continue to explore the transformative impact of GPTs in sales.

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