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August 31, 2016

Video learning: the new playbook for high performance selling

Having a great playbook, filled with the collective wisdom of your all-star reps, can be the difference between winning and losing in today’s highly competitive markets – as long as you can get your team to properly leverage it.

This has been the case in the world of professional sports for decades as well.  Celebrated NFL coach Al Saunders achieved staggering results throughout his career by doing anything and everything he could to get his teams to study, internalize and fall back on the playbook.  There were even famous stories of him going around and secretly leaving $100 bills in the middle of each player’s copy so he could later check which ones were missing the money to know who was studying it!

Thankfully, in the world of enterprise sales, there is already the built-in mechanism of performance-based compensation to get sales reps to want to study and practice, but the challenge lies in consistently generating and delivering relevant content to them in a format that will allow them to.

YouTube Meets TED Talks

Best-in-class sales organizations are already finding the key to being able to consistently generate and deliver the most relevant content in a timely and cost-effective way is to leverage the one technology that allows you to meet face-to-face with someone even if they’re a thousand miles away: video.

Who wouldn’t want a best practice library of up-to-date, highly relevant and peer-generated content?  Using short, bite-sized videos created by an organization’s own reps has allowed best-in-class sales teams to flourish in a way that has never been possible before.  Reps record a video on their phone or tablet of their best pitch for a specific product and upload it so their managers can review.  Then, managers go through and highlight the “top gun” videos that the entire team will be tasked with emulating.  And, today’s technology makes this simple, easy, secure, and amazingly fast!

This has the effect of creating a sort of “corporate YouTube” of best practices and procedures for all the most common challenges specific to the sales teams of each individual companyessentially, a self-updating, YouTube-style sales playbook filled with the kind of distilled, high-relevance content you would get with a TED Talk.

Video is the New Document
Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research, has said “video is the new document.”  His research centers around cases similar to the one described above, as well as the overall rise of video in all facets of sales which has led to the hypothesis that video content growth will overtake regular content by midyear 2018.

Sales teams are not only accelerating top-line growth by using video content platforms to better train and coach, but they are using those very same tools to massively save time and T&E (travel and entertainment) expense associated with onboarding new reps and certifying reps for new product rollouts.  All of this, in combination with the fact that mobile devices have made video creation easier than ever before, is contributing to widespread adoption of video technologies across sales organizations in all industries.

Join us September 15th for a discussion on this growing trend in sales enablement and learning as Allego CMO Jennifer Singleton is joined by Jim Lundy to present real-world scenarios of enterprise sales teams using mobile-video to onboard, train, reinforce learning, and coach their distributed workforce.

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