Sales and the Race to Win: Leverage Mobile Video or Get Left Behind

The biggest challenge for salespeople is the time it takes to prepare for engaging with prospects and customers. Video Learning has emerged as the new playbook for High Performance

Join Jim Lundy of Aragon Research for this webinar on how sales organizations are leveraging video to win in the market. Jim will be joined by Jennifer Singleton, CMO of Allego, to talk about real-world scenarios and ROI of enterprise sales teams using mobile-video to onboard, train, reinforce learning and coach their distributed workforce. Key topics being discussed include:

  • Trends in sales enablement and learning
  • The evolution of video learning for sales
  • Best practices for leveraging video during the sales cycle

Allego elevates sales performance by combining training, practice, coaching and knowledge sharing into one app, streamlined for the rapid pace of sales. Ready to learn more about Allego?

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