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Despite Cool New Sales Learning Tools, Content is Still King

This blog is written by Kaitlyn McCabe, a member of Allego’s award-winning Customer Success team. Thanks to the digital revolution of the last 30 years, the average sales trainer can now access the kinds of cool communication and content creation tools once reserved for newspaper publishers, film studios and TV production companies. Unfortunately, people sometimes get so enamored of these new tools that they forget to focus on the actual content. Your messages are just as important – if not more important – than the media you use to convey them. Desktop publishing,... Continue Reading

Connect Sales Training With Your Core Sales Strategies

At many organizations today, there is a disconnect between the ongoing sales training and enablement activities and the sales strategy. For example, while the company seeks to expand into new markets, the sales training continues to focus on buyers in existing markets. This severe disconnect results in lost sales opportunities and lower revenue.   Key Sales Enablement Tools to Align Sales Training with Strategy To align training with strategy, consider a very basic question: “How is our company going to grow?” Will it enter a new market segment or new industry? If so,... Continue Reading

4 Tips for Training Sales Managers How to Coach

A recent study by the Association for Training Development (ATD) uncovered some “fuzzy math.” When ATD asked sales managers to estimate the number of hours they devoted to coaching every month, the average respondent said “three to four hours per rep.” But when sales reps were asked how many hours of coaching they received each month, “one hour” was the average response. Were some respondents suffering from poor memories or being less than honest? Or, was the coaching so much fun for the reps that the three or four hours simply “flew... Continue Reading

Personalized Sales Training : A Modern Learning Advantage

Once upon a time, “personalized training” meant printing the names of workshop participants on their handout folders. Today, this key component of modern learning means exactly what it says – sales training that is genuinely personalized, genuinely “just for me.” What are the advantages of personalized sales training? Training tailored to the individual offers two forms of value: It saves time (the sales reps’ time), which also builds trust. They know you won’t bore them with topics that are irrelevant to their jobs and immediate goals. You produce better sales outcomes by... Continue Reading