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Consistent Brand Messaging … Is your Sales team telling your story the right way?

Keeping your sales team on track with your most important messages   As a marketing professional or sales executive, the last thing you want to hear is your sales team ‘winging it’ when it comes to explaining who your company is.  You’ve worked hard to fine-tune the words and messages that you want your customers, prospects, and investors to associate with your brand.  You have the ability to see where the market is going and know what messages will work best now to get you where you need to go.  When your... Continue Reading

4 Considerations When Choosing a Video & Knowledge Sharing Solution

We’ve been working with companies that are choosing a Video and Knowledge Sharing Solution for their organizations.  There are various business reasons they cite for this investment including Sales Enablement, Training and Development, Sales & Marketing Collaboration and Corporate Communications.  However, those companies that have been the most satisfied with their process and decision have all focused on one key factor when considering the solution to deploy: Will this solution provide the best experience for my employees? We’ve broken down that question in four key components that should provide the basis for a... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Ensure the Best Q1 Sales Kickoff Ever!

If you’re like most sales executives, you’re planning an annual sales meeting in the coming months.  You’ll recognize your leaders for their work last year.  You’ll communicate the direction and strategy for the upcoming year, and you’ll include some sales, product, market, and competitive updates in the form of education sessions.  And you’ll want to know that your team is engaged! An Enterprise Video and Knowledge Management Platform provides 5 big opportunities to ensure your team is getting the most out of the meeting and leveraging it when they are back in... Continue Reading

Why Video Is the New Enterprise Normal

As a consumer today, it’s impossible to miss the power that video has in our relationship with brands and services.  Marketers use video in creative and engaging ways.  (Do we all remember “The Old Spice Guy” and “Will It Blend” campaigns?)  Once you become a customer, companies are using video to provide easy and convenient ways to self-serve.  (Forget about Help text – I just go right for the Youtube video!)  So based on this enormous external success, why wouldn’t a company use video internally to communicate with and amongst employees? Video... Continue Reading