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Fix the Leaky Faucet of Sales Training

‘Tis the season for sales meetings, training and various kick-off events.  It’s the time of year when most companies invest a great deal of time and money to bring the team together, learn new sales messaging, introduce new products and provide the knowledge and support sales teams need to be successful. Drip…Drip…Drip… That is the sound of leaking knowledge – the training, information and skills that are NOT being retained or reinforced when everyone is back “in-the-field” consumed with their day-to-day selling responsibilities. Research indicates that without systematic, ongoing learning and reinforcement,... Continue Reading

Why Tom Brady Watches 17 hours of Video/Week

“You learn to learn. You learn. Then, you learn to re-learn.” That’s why almost every professional sports team now uses the iPad as their official playbook. They understand the need to “re-learn” as well. Read this quick article  about Why Tom Brady Watches 17 Hours of Video a week. This process is crucial for all of us to understand, whether we are professional athletes or salespeople. When you collaborate with the right people at the right time, you improve the odds that you will win. Talented teams create great content and ideas.... Continue Reading

A Transformational Equation for the Enterprise: Cloud + Mobile + Video

The past decade has proven the power of cloud computing to transform enterprises.  The efficiency gains are quantifiable from deployment to adoption to ongoing maintenance and innovation. But, now, when you combine the power of cloud computing with mobile and video, an exponential improvement in productivity, innovation and business results can be achieved, especially in the area of knowledge and content management. A major challenge for many companies is the disbursed nature of their business.  A geographically distributed work force and the silo-ed nature of best ideas and experience lead to duplication of... Continue Reading

Hiring Your Next Employee with Video

The movement toward video in recruiting and interviewing is being heralded as a much needed change in the world of hiring.   And if you ask many of my Human Resources colleagues, it can’t come fast enough.  The incredibly high recruiting costs of finding that ‘right’ person, the vast amounts of time spent on the phone, and the numerous awkward and painful personal interviews – any one of these reason enough for them to lament, “There must be an easier way!” According to, hiring via traditional methods can cost anywhere from $1500-$5000... Continue Reading