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How to Improve Sales Results Using Video and Mobile Technology

As a sales leader, how can you communicate new messaging and key product information to sales reps, encourage collaboration among teams, keep teams motivated, and ensure information is absorbed?  The answers lie with two simple tools we use in our everyday lives: mobile and video. Empowering teams to work the way they live eliminates the learning curve associated with adopting new training tools and helps encourage adoption. The majority of humans – 60 percent– are visual learners, processing visuals 600,000 times faster than text. Video allows for easy absorption. But what’s the... Continue Reading

Why Traditional Sales Training Is Broken And How We Can Fix It

just-in-time learning
In our digital world, traditional sales training and enablement techniques are broken. Salespeople simply can’t maximize their learning and retention of information when they’re brought into a conference room and pumped full of content they won’t use right away. Research has shown that more than 60 percent of people are visual learners. In fact, we tend to process visuals 600,000 times faster than text. For younger business audiences, video is king. According to a Forbes Insight report, 30 percent of executives under the age of 40 indicated that they prefer video for... Continue Reading

The Big Idea: Train sales people the way they like to learn

sales training
Just-in-time learning earns respect as a best practice in corporate training   The traditional approach to sales training is terribly broken. The standard approach – the sales meeting, with days full of presentations in excruciating detail, with tons more detail to discover in the printouts – makes the assumption that sales people learn like an ox pulling a wagon: Just keep piling it on. The more the better. Unfortunately, sales people are more like race horses than oxen: they’re built for the sprint. And they prepare for that next race so as... Continue Reading

Helping Top Performers

Recently, a national sales manager said to me, “I get how this can help my average performers, but what about my top performers? Is this really going to help my top performers?” In this two-minute video, I explain how Allego also benefits your top performers.   [video_block video_id=”777″ title=”Helping Top Performers” caption_link_text=”Want more? Check out our Blueprint Methodology” caption_link=”” class=”aligncenter” ]   Continue Reading