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Allego Teams with Seismic to Optimize Sales Readiness

Allego and Seismic have entered a strategic partnership to help sales and marketing organizations improve performance by providing a central resource for timely, personalized sales training content and marketing collateral.

For users of these platforms, the technology integration between market leaders Allego and Seismic will deliver the benefits of Allego’s sales learning and readiness platform with Seismic’s advanced solution for sales content management.

Improve Customer Conversations

Seismic Doc in an Allego CourseThanks to this partnership, sales reps using Seismic will be able to improve their customer conversations by creating, sharing, and consuming just-in-time, interactive Allego videos by other successful peers demonstrating how to speak to relevant sales collateral, competitive questions, and objections. They will also be able to create and share interactive Allego videos to engage prospects and customers in a personalized manner. Reps can then make this content directly accessible to their team members and customers using Seismic’s digital content management system. This will ensure that content is always up-to-date, relevant and easy to digest.

Using Allego and Seismic together, organizations can ensure sales reps are ready for any customer conversation. With a small bit of additional context from colleagues, reps can use Allego to walk into meetings prepared to articulate proven-effective messaging that they learn from peer-generated video content. Instead of relying solely on formal learning, organizations using Allego and Seismic empower reps with learning in the flow of their daily work. Traditional learning content and sales collateral takes weeks or months to create, so organizations using Allego and Seismic empower reps with content captured “in the wild” by other successful reps at their company. And instead of only collaborating through formally scheduled conference calls that are too difficult to coordinate—or through messaging apps that memorialize the conversation but lack the richness of information conveyed in face-to-face interactions—organizations using Allego and Seismic bridge the gap with collaboration that uses video to enable reps, managers, and subject matter experts to work together in complex ways asynchronously.

Content for Every Selling Scenario

“As the leader in sales readiness platforms, more than 200,000 users now rely on Allego every day to ensure they have the latest skills and timely knowledge to maximize each selling situation,” said Yuchun Lee, CEO and co-founder of Allego. “Partnering with an industry leader like Seismic enables us to deliver the most comprehensive sales learning approach for our customers. By integrating with Seismic, we are not only providing our joint customers access to the knowledge and skills required to harvest more of their revenue pipeline, but also equipping reps with the ability to create and manage the content needed for every selling scenario.”

“On their own, Allego and Seismic are game changers for T. Rowe Price, so integrating their offerings in one central location for users will add that much more value for our sales team,” said CJ Nesher, Head of USI Client Skills Development at T. Rowe Price. “Allego and Seismic enable our reps to master all of our sales collateral as well as perfect the hard and soft skills needed to close deals. When our reps are better prepared, they drive more revenue and exceed sales goals, and this integration will directly impact their continued success.”

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