March 26, 2020

Adopting a Modern Learning Strategy for Today’s Multigenerational Salesforce

Faced with limited budgets and bandwidth, as well as decreased employee morale, it’s easy to just keep going through the motions when it comes to sales training. However, simply checking the box does little to boost morale, let alone increase sales performance. Today, sales organizations span multiple generations and levels of experience. Your sales training strategy needs to keep pace. Join this LTEN webinar, sponsored by Allego, to learn about one company’s journey to modernize its learning strategy. Anne Kumlin, director of sales training & education, bracing and supports, at DJO will join Tom Bearce of Allego to discuss:

  • Using video as a collaborative tool to unite the team and keep content fresh.
  • Revamping sales meetings with pre-work and video to maximize learning and retention.
  • Getting distributors on board to ensure consistent messaging and improve product launches.
  • Making modern learning part of the culture during onboarding.
  • Utilizing a collaborative environment to improve engagement, retention and morale.
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