Sales Learning and Coaching Technology: A Sirius Perspective

Sales Learning & Coaching

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Successful sales leaders have recognized that confining reps to a classroom to learn does not help them reach their sales quota in the field. But, investing in sales learning and coaching technologies are yielding positive results for the entire organization.


In this report, SiriusDecisions outlines:

  • The benefits of sales learning and coaching technologies for B2B organizations
  • The evolution of the sales readiness landscape from traditional learning environments to innovative methods suited for sales teams
  • The core capabilities of sales learning and coaching technologies for sales leaders, sales training, and sales enablement teams

In the last few years, sales learning and coaching technologies have helped organizations effectively onboard salespeople, drive consistent messages in the field, and reinforce specific learning for sales reps. The multiplication of solutions available to sales leadership makes it more challenging to choose the right tools to accelerate the readiness of your sales team.

SiriusDecisions published this original report to help identify the benefits, evolution, and capabilities of sales learning and coaching technologies, along with the business priorities supported by this technology. Download today!

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