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The Rise of Incremental LMS

The_rise_incremental_LMSThe LMS is no longer a training technology island, operating in relative isolation.

Over time, the LMS has become an ecosystem that learning organizations can expand and customize with third-party apps, tools and software to create measurable business value.

Some LMS vendors still try to build as much functionality into their core as possible. However, a one-size-fits-all strategy leads to systems that are relatively expensive, bloated, unfocused and unable to respond quickly when market requirements shift. In fact, this monolithic approach actually opened the door for new specialty systems that stand alone as high-value point products, or complement a core LMS with innovative capabilities. The emergence of these specialty applications has reignited the LMS market.

Download this document to learn the history and trends associated with the rise of specialty solutions. It also examines how this phenomenon is shaping the future of the LMS market.


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